Useful Links

Budapest Open Access Initiative - A call for the adoption of open access business models for scholarly communication. See the February 2002 Newsletter for an important series of articles on open access.

CrossRef: The Central Source for Reference Linking - A collaborative reference linking service -- through which a researcher can click on a reference citation in a journal and immediately access the cited article.

Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) - An organization dedicated to supporting the transformative promise of networked information technology for the advancement of scholarly communication and the enrichment of intellectual productivity.

Faculty of 1000 - A new online research tool that highlights the most interesting papers in biology, based on the recommendations of over 1000 leading scientists.

International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) - An informal, self-organized group comprising over150 library consortia from around the world. The Coalition serves primarily higher education institutions by facilitating discussion among consortia on issues of common interest.

International Scholarly Communications Alliance - The ISCA members, represented by over 600 research libraries worldwide, engage in a series of activities that focus the scholarly publishing process on the primary goals of the academic research community, advancing the discovery of new knowledge and facilitating its dissemination.

Machine Aided Indexing - Machine Aided Indexing (MAI) was originally developed by CASI as an aid to indexing technical literature for the NASA STI Database. The new web-based application was designed to provide authors, editors, information analysts, and others with a convenient, fully interactive tool for determining the subject content of documents, and identifying keywords and terms for various uses.

Open Archives Initiative - OAI develops and promotes interoperability standards that aim to facilitate the efficient dissemination of content. OAI has its roots in an effort to enhance access to e-print archives as a means of increasing the availability of scholarly communication.

Open Archives Forum- Europe-based focus for dissemination of information about European activity related to open archives and, in particular, to the Open Archives Initiative.

Open Digital Libraries Project - A research project at Virginia Tech investigating the building of digital libraries as networks of independent components, with inter-component communication based on the OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting and extenstions thereof.

The Scholary Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) - An alliance of universities, research libraries, and organizations built as a constructive response to market dysfunctions in the scholarly communication system.

The Transition from Paper: Where Are We Going and How Will We Get There? - An on-line book by R. Stephen Berry, University of Chicago, and Anne Simon Moffat, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Midwest Center.

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